Monday, April 16, 2012

Old Friend

What a weekend. 
There are few things more pleasurable to me than spending time with old friends. 

 Everything is so easy. Conversation is easy. Silence is easy. 
 There's something comfortable about knowing all of a persons ins and outs--their family, 
their parents, their siblings, their history of friendships and relationships.

 A day of talking and eating and running around together comes so naturally. As I get older 
I realize I don't like to waste my time with friendships that aren't natural.

Chicago is a beautiful city. 
 We spent most of our time in Bucktown, which has so changed since Hubs and I lived there.
We ate at Le Bouchon.

We stopped in Pagoda Red.

I fell in love with this chair.

We went to Millennium Park.

Good times.

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  1. That chair does not scream comfort to me to be honest. Maybe it is supposed to scream "I'm an occasional chair" but I am having trouble picturing the occasion.


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