Friday, January 9, 2015


It's a New Year.
And in a new year I become obsessed with cleaning out old and bringing in new.
Like everyone.

But I'm especially crazy, 
going as far as cleaning outdated Instagram pictures and Pinterest boards.
I get rid of images that no longer portray what I want to tell people about myself.

That's insane. I know.
Insane to think that I consider pictures of furniture and food and words to be reflections of me,
but I really do.
That's what people like me do because we can't express ourselves through music, art, or poetry.

We, and when I say 'we' I mean design obsessed mothers who are rap enthusiasts,
show our artistry in more subtle ways, like our home, Instagram, blog, 
even through a heavy fringe bang and Adidas high tops.
I'd like you to know that this blog is me.
And it's thoughtful.

things that are starting off my new year right.

Black rooms.
Which will someday exist in my house.

Black cabinets.

Art everywhere. Always.

Gold kitchen fixtures and hardware.
This one is by Waterworks.

Cheetah forever. 
Talmage fabric by Aerin.

Cabinet-less kitchens.

Painted trim.

Inspiration boards.