Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Room for Large

I'm almost done with Large's room.
She loves how it came together and I do too.
There are small things left to do and I'll pick them up randomly as I find them.
The black and white fabric on her bulletin board is a major score from Ikea,
only $7.99 per yard.
It reminds me of Albert Hadley's Fireworks print.
Albert Hadley Fireworks {via}

Apple Green Rustoleum was exactly the color I was looking for in a desk chair.
It's the perfect mint green.

Frames are from Target.

Wall color is BM Ming Jade.
Bedding is from PBTeen and the monogramming is only $7 extra per monogram.

Last but not least,
the perfect finishing touch to the room is the decorative pillow I bought on Etsy from
at the wonderfully low cost of 35 bones.
Okay. I'll stop.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Favorite Fireplace

This fireplace has everything I love--
interest for days, 
layer upon layer of art, color, whimsy, varying textures, personal objects.
It's practical and livable.
Who knew a fireplace could be such an experience.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mr. Wes is in the Building

Moonrise Kingdom Kanye Wes

Team Zissou Kanye Wes

 Royal Tenenbaums Kanye Wes

Rushmore Kanye Wes

I follow Kanye Wes on Tumblr.
He combines Kanye West lyrics to Wes Anderson movie stills.
I saw these prints by Phil Howell Design and immediately fell in love with them.
I bought Moonrise Kingdom Kanye Wes.
You can too here.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Flu

Our house is currently plagued by flu 
 during a season in which all mankind seems to be in acquaintance.

It started with the kids
because all sickness and germs begin with them and their inability to not touch,
and has moved on to Hubs 
who was up all night retching and hunched over the toilet bowl.

My today will be about blankets and movies and low key hang time
 while zoning out to 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox',
which has become our favorite comfort movie during veg fests.

Side note:
I follow a funny being on Tumblr called kanyewesanderson
who wittingly combines the
lyrics of Kanye West songs to Wes Anderson movie stills.

If you are a fan of the two which I am very much,
it's a must see here.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Exciting News

I was officially asked to design an office space for a friend who works from his home.
When I say 'official' I mean he offered me money.

I've helped numerous friends with their homes but always felt silly taking money from them.
But now I feel it's not so silly.
It's what I want to do with myself, hopefully more so after kids are older.
Also, reading this helped.

Large's room redo is almost complete.
Her new bedding and curtains came last week and they look amazing with the new wall color.

This is her new wall color.
Benjamin Moore Ming Jade

I also found a vintage bentwood chair for $35
that I'm painting mint green to go with the desk I scored on eBay for $99.
I love eBay more than most people I know.
True story.

And as long as I'm divulging everything, this is my new favorite table topper from Jayson
that I don't own but someday hope to.