Friday, November 30, 2012


Life is busy.
Here are some happenings.

My new dining chairs were delivered and I love them.

Christmas yuletide is in full force.

See all that loveliness under the tree?
That's what Black Friday looks like and it was on.

Be Merry.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still My #1

Lonny featured Mark D. Sikes home in their November issue.
It's so damn beautiful.
It's still my #1.

I also loved the photos of artist Jeremiah Goodman's Manhattan apartment.
It's the perfect masculine/sexy combo.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Domicile Blog on Instagram

My new obsession is Instagram.
I can't stop.
I'm always late to the social media party. I know this has been happening for a while.
Who knew changing a filter and adding a border could make every boring camera phone picture
look like art. 

I tried to remember to take pictures while out and about in NYC.

Madeline Weinrib rugs at ABC Carpet and Home.

I'm still thinking about my favorite meal at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's ABC Kitchen
kale salad with lemon, serranos and mint
Akaushi cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos.

 The Evolution Store in SoHo.

While debating with friends at Georgetown Cupcake which one was best
I glanced across the street and saw the exact gray I'm looking to paint my entryway.
I heart NYC.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New York Bound

Hubs and I are off to NYC tomorrow.
I hope to take in The Met, maybe MOMA, get my eat on.

 I'm most excited to wander about the city.
After having kids you understand that free time is the ultimate luxury.
So to go about a day with no thought of time...well...
it doesn't get better than that.

I leave you with wise words to contemplate.
Believe it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Eclectic Blue Vintage on Etsy

I recently went back to my hometown
to visit one of my oldest friends and favorite people on earth, Kiki.

Kik and I used to kick it in high school
skipping class, smoking in the parking lot, trading Dave Matthews Band bootlegs--
your typical angst-filled, underage drinking, teenage rebelliousness.
In August Kiki opened  Eclectic Blue Vintage on Etsy,
a web boutique specializing in antique collectables, jewelry, furniture, 
and all around vintage loveliness.

We spent most of our time together shopping flea markets and estate sales.
She has a great eye and knows exactly what she wants and what people are looking for.

Eclectic Blue Vintage has been a tremendous success selling to clients all over the world,
but most importantly
its been an outlet to showcase her creative side and venture into a business
that she's passionate about.
Vintage geometric scarf $12

 Deer antlers with partial skull $98

 Vintage brass pelican $32

 Vintage books $35

 Vintage industrial office chair $128

 Louden's Mammouth Pulley $48

 Vintage Windsor melmac sugar bowl and creamer $10

Vintage Mexican feather art in original carved frame $20

 Vintage 8mm camera, 1962 Minolta $36

 Vintage pink bead and crystal clip on earrings $12

Glasbake handled soup bowls $36

Here are some pictures of Kiki's beautiful home.


Shop here to see more of the goods.
Follow Kik on Pinterest here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Hubs spent the last two days painting the family room and kitchen.
It looks crazy good.

We decided to paint the doors and surround trim the same navy as the walls.
I wish I had the words to describe how much I love it.
While attending Abigail Ahern's masterclass this summer 
the ideas that stayed with me most were

1. Go to the dark side with paint
2.  Paint walls, doors and moulding the same color

When everything is painted the same color,
the stuff you purposefully put in your home is pushed to the front--
furniture, art, books, rugs.

All the doors and trim in my house are painted white but not for long.
Why would I want the first thing people see be the doors?

Look at the art!  
I carried it home from trips abroad.
Look at the books!
Every museum I've ever visited has a book in the shelves.
Look at the furniture!
That was my great grandparents.

Don't look at the doors. They builder grade and they ugly.

A round of applause needs to be given to BM Hale Navy.
It envelopes you and its cozy and its exactly what I was hoping for.