Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Room for Large

I'm almost done with Large's room.
She loves how it came together and I do too.
There are small things left to do and I'll pick them up randomly as I find them.
Like a colorful kilim or dhurrie rug.
And eventually more frames for her wall of friends.
After eying these pictures
{that were badly taken with my iphone but you get the point} 
I decided to get a larger bulletin board above her bed.
In person the size doesn't bother me but in these pictures the board feels too small for the space.
The black and white fabric is a major score from Ikea.
Only $7.99 per yard.
It reminds me of Albert Hadley's Fireworks print
which...please...if anything of Albert Hadley's was in my home 
the last place I would put it is in a kids room.
That shit would shine bright like a diamond, front and center, with major spotlights.
Albert Hadley Fireworks {via}

Apple Green Rustoleum was exactly the color I was looking for in a desk chair.
It's the perfect mint green.

Frames for friend wall are from Target.
The mirrored frames are by their Threshold line.
Wall color is BM Ming Jade.

Bedding is from PBTeen and the monogramming is only $7 extra per monogram.
My latest obsession is monogrammed bedding.
Last but not least,
the perfect finishing touch to the room is the decorative pillow I bought on Etsy from
at the amazingly low cost of 35 bones.
Okay. I'll stop.


  1. It really is a great room. I can see how a medium aged girl would go bonkers for this space - cozy, girly but not too little girly, and definitely chic. Nice work!

  2. LOVE it, what a great girls room and something she can grow into! The bedding is fantastic...who needs Leontine when you have PB Teen :)

  3. I don't know Mel...if my pocketbook was fatter I'd Leontine the shiz out of every bedroom.;)


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