Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Flu

Our house is currently plagued by flu 
 during a season in which all mankind seems to be in acquaintance.

It started with the kids
because all sickness and germs begin with them and their inability to not touch,
and has moved on to Hubs 
who was up all night retching and hunched over the toilet bowl.

My today will be about blankets and movies and low key hang time
 while zoning out to 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox',
which has become our favorite comfort movie during veg fests.

Side note:
I follow a funny being on Tumblr called kanyewesanderson
who wittingly combines the
lyrics of Kanye West songs to Wes Anderson movie stills.

If you are a fan of the two which I am very much,
it's a must see here.


  1. That tumblr is amazing. I hope you avoid the plague like the plague. Wellness to your loves!

  2. This shit is the best period. Kayne Wes Anderson is brilliant.


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