Sunday, February 3, 2013

Exciting News

I was officially asked to design an office space for a friend who works from his home.
When I say 'official' I mean he offered me money.

I've helped numerous friends with their homes but always felt silly taking money from them.
But now I feel it's not so silly.
It's what I want to do with myself, hopefully more so after kids are older.
Also, reading this helped.

Large's room redo is almost complete.
Her new bedding and curtains came last week and they look amazing with the new wall color.

This is her new wall color.
Benjamin Moore Ming Jade

I also found a vintage bentwood chair for $35
that I'm painting mint green to go with the desk I scored on eBay for $99.
I love eBay more than most people I know.
True story.

And as long as I'm divulging everything, this is my new favorite table topper from Jayson
that I don't own but someday hope to.


  1. Lindsay, congrats on the job! That's awesome and I can't wait to see the before and after pics as I'm sure they will be fabulous!
    (forgive me, I'm apparently challenged when it comes to posting a comment on your blog as anything other than 'Anonymous'!)

  2. that's so awesome!!!! You will do an incredible job. I hope you will show us the end results!

  3. Thanks Mel! I can't wait to start it.

  4. I feel you, girl. I recently got my first check for work (I've previously done trades with people only), and it was thrilling. It also makes you beholden to someone, and you can't just tell them to 'stop changing their minds already and pick something!' But, you get the idea. It's the bests. As in plural. Congratulations. Upward, shall we?


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