Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, New Rooms

Winter break is over sending kids back to school tomorrow and I couldn't be more thrilled.
I've spent the last two weeks holed up with family.
It feels like months have passed and we've sequestered ourselves on our own private island.
I've never found my girls' ages more enjoyable, 
but still I can't wait to get some time on my own and do whatever the hell I want.

Some exciting home projects will be beginning and I can't wait to share them with you.
First off,
dining room wallpaper was delivered.

Hopefully it will look as awesome as this.

I'm also working on a room redo for Large's bedroom, who's eight.
She's outgrown her current room style that looks more nursery than 'older girl'
which is how she refers to herself.
Her room doubles as guest bedroom so I'd like it to be a bit sophisticated, though still a girls room.
I've acquired different pieces here and there for the last few months.
An old mirror for $24 at the local antique mall.

A big bulletin board that will be covered in fabric, to hang pictures and stuff.

An antique writing desk for $99 on eBay.
To paint or not to paint?

After will be coming soon.

Finally, my entryway/living room/upstairs hallway will be repainted in a couple weeks.
I'm still thinking Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.
I was worried the house would look too dark because of the family room and kitchen painted
but there's a lot of light throughout the house and as Hubs reminded me,
I always regret not going bolder.

Have I mentioned that we've lived in this house for four years and this will be the third time the same area has been repainted?
Therefore making it go time...go bold or go home.


  1. That writing desk is ridiculous. I say leave it, maybe change up the hardware, maybe just paint the interiors of the drawers. It's really gorgeous. Good find!

  2. I also like the hardware change idea and thought of the colored glass knobs that Joyce had. Just saying.


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