Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table

This blog is straight up funny.
It's a must see for anyone tired of overly styled or unrealistic designer vignettes.
And though I find myself susceptible to such stylings,
this shit still be funny.
Fuck your frame cluster and bench tableau with a cactus on top.

 Fuck your fireplace full of song lyrics.

Fuck your tiny succulent array that sits atop a series of book stacks.

 Fuck your fun fridge.

 Fuck your wall manifesto.

 Fuck your reclaimed wood wall.

Fuck your mantle antlers (mantlers), billy buttons, glass bottles, ornate fireplace screen, vintage circus poster, old trunk coffee table and your book stack with a globe on top.

 Fuck your bossy decal.

 Fuck your gym lockers.

 Fuck your life imperative screen print.

Fuck your old cart, non-seasonal wreath, antique toy truck, objects in bell jars, wire sculpture, and your fireplace full of small logs of varying heights, some of which have candles on top.

Thank you for the knowledge Sketch 42.
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