Monday, April 23, 2012


Are rooms ever really finished?  
Life {like people} is constantly moving and changing and evolving.  
Our house is going through a metamorphosis.  
The baby phase of child rearing is ending. Toys no longer dominate every room.  
I can begin to relay, through the interior of our home, how we are as a family--
traditional, modern, casual, diverse, traveled, well loved.  
These are pictures of the family room. 
It's a work in progress. 
Still needing a floor rug, wall art, table accessorizing.

 My desk, which needs serious accessorizing.

 Dizzy Gillespie, aka Diz, aka DJ Wizard

Hall bath in high gloss black.  


  1. Your home really is gorgeous. I'm always inspired when I leave.

  2. just read all posts back to here and look where the room is now in navy! Also you went to the master class and got your juju hat. So fun to read backwards and see everything you have done! Adding you to my blogroll!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)


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