Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fireplace Mantels

Last Friday I saw the stunning new home of my friend Katherine and family. 
 The whole house is a masterpiece and they've done an amazing job
 furnishing and accessorizing the place. 
 She has a very large, circular sculpture hanging above her fireplace 
and was wondering about adding simple things to the mantel. 
 Candlesticks, decorative boxes, vases or lanterns, found knick knacks
would add depth, interest, and color. 


  1. I know it is a silly point but some of these are just so staged and unrealistic they stray into the unlikable. For me that is photos 1-3...who really wants a faux stag head? That question alone is unanswerable.

    I do like 4-8 as they have a nice collection to them that seems realistic and not just staged.

    And I do not want any sun worshipping idols in my house and those mirrors are too close for comfort for the next few photos.

    Finally, I want a bust in our living room. We need to find a proper english one but I will not desecrate it with a silly hat.

  2. Whoa. Those are all stupid awesome images! I can't wait to be all invasive and see inside your home, plantation shutters or no - get that post up, girl!

    Thanks for all of your awesome comments lately. Love having you visit! ox

  3. Thanks for the shout out, my friend! Also, thanks for the ideas. Now about that "buying" trip to NYC! ;)


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