Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When I travel my first destination is usually a museum of art.  
I love art.
I especially love when it's affordable which is why I'm in to 20x200
Jen Bekman came up with the master plan--200 limited edition prints, $20 each, and two goals:
1.  For everyone to collect art
2.  Enable an economy that allows artists to make a living by making work

Even with a recent price increase it's still inexpensive with pricing ranging from $24 to $2400.  
 Giovanni Garcia-Fenech

 Christian Chaize

 Daniel Seung Lee

 Jennifer Sanchez

 Michelle Marie Murphy
 Mike + Doug Starn

 Sean Greene

 Jeff Lewis

Alex Brown

 Daniel Seung Lee

 Jennifer Sanchez

 David Corbett

Carrie Marill

All of these prints 24 bones? Where do I sign.

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