Friday, November 9, 2012

Eclectic Blue Vintage on Etsy

I recently went back to my hometown
to visit one of my oldest friends and favorite people on earth, Kiki.

Kik and I used to kick it in high school
skipping class, smoking in the parking lot, trading Dave Matthews Band bootlegs--
your typical angst-filled, underage drinking, teenage rebelliousness.
In August Kiki opened  Eclectic Blue Vintage on Etsy,
a web boutique specializing in antique collectables, jewelry, furniture, 
and all around vintage loveliness.

We spent most of our time together shopping flea markets and estate sales.
She has a great eye and knows exactly what she wants and what people are looking for.

Eclectic Blue Vintage has been a tremendous success selling to clients all over the world,
but most importantly
its been an outlet to showcase her creative side and venture into a business
that she's passionate about.
Vintage geometric scarf $12

 Deer antlers with partial skull $98

 Vintage brass pelican $32

 Vintage books $35

 Vintage industrial office chair $128

 Louden's Mammouth Pulley $48

 Vintage Windsor melmac sugar bowl and creamer $10

Vintage Mexican feather art in original carved frame $20

 Vintage 8mm camera, 1962 Minolta $36

 Vintage pink bead and crystal clip on earrings $12

Glasbake handled soup bowls $36

Here are some pictures of Kiki's beautiful home.


Shop here to see more of the goods.
Follow Kik on Pinterest here.

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