Monday, March 11, 2013


This office redo is kicking my ass.

Not only because I'm doing it while maintaining the job of caregiver to my household of six,
but also because I can't stop obsessing over it again and again and again.

I wake up to pee in the night...
I'm obsessing.
I'm drinking morning coffee...
I'm obsessing.
I'm driving in car to take kids here and there...
I'm obsessing.

I've spent many an hour obsessing over my home. 
Over the smallest tabletop accessory.
This is different because it's not for me or someone I know that well.
How do you tell a story {through said office} of someone you kind of know?
I'm finding out it's way hard.

I'm also figuring out that I love doing this more than anything I've ever done.
So there's that.

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