Monday, August 6, 2012

ABC Carpet and Home

While in NYC I stopped in ABC Carpet and Home.
I hadn't been in some years so I slowly walked through the place taking everything in.

Apparently Betsey Johnson had the same idea as me.
I may or may not have followed her up a few floors...I depends who you ask.
If you ask her, she'll say yes I did.
I took this picture on the DL.

I'm not gonna lie.
I peed a bit when I saw the Weinrib installation.

This chair was five grand.
No joke.

The place really had everything.



the morning of my flight home I picked up coffee at LaGuardia figuring it would taste like shit
but at least be something.
I was blown away by this pressed coffee in a to-go plastic lid and cup.
It was almost as good as at home.
God bless NYC.

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