Saturday, August 18, 2012

That Shit's Cray

In 1997 I met Hubs while working here.
He was my boss, he hired me.

Three girls later...everyday's Crazytown...I'm so lucky.
And no this isn't my house.

 Friday night was date night and we had so much fun together.

It was like back in the day...listening to music...talking...dreaming of futures
{now not ours but theirs}
and bouncing ideas off one another with all the new changes in our house 
since New York.

And alls we did was dinner and shop for furniture. 
And it was still the best.
15 years.

Crate and Barrel outlet
you are the wind beneath my wings.

Speaking of cray,
I snapped this picture from my car while driving last week.

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  1. I am still so confused by this photo. Either this lady has gone bat shit crazy or maybe I have sold out to the man in my normalcy. Not sure which one is more dead on at the moment.


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