Monday, November 4, 2013

Milwaukee for a Weekend

Last month Hubs and I spent a getaway weekend in Milwaukee.
We had a ball roaming about the Third Ward and eating whenever we wanted,
which I know doesn't sound like a luxury but for me it is since most days I eat when my kids are eating...which translates to never when I want.

We stumbled into an art gallery/antique store called Art Asia that was like falling down a rabbit hole of Asian history and awesomeness.
The furniture and art went on and on, my brain could barely process it all.

These Chinese puppets were the most fascinating {horrifying} find in the store.

We also hit the Milwaukee Art Museum.

I was taken by the mystery of this large painting of a family, artist unknown and title unknown.
I love the similarities in their faces.

Pulling these pictures from my camera phone makes me realize I need to carry a real camera.

This weekend I'm heading to Des Moines to visit the amazing Kiki, whom I've mentioned here.
We shall see what shenanigans we come in to.


  1. I don't know how I didn't know that you had an etsy shop, but I didn't. Hope you two get up to no good.

    1. It's not my etsy shop, it's my friend's shop. When we're together we spend most if our time thrifting and going to estate sales, so I'm exited for this weekend.:)


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