Monday, April 15, 2013


Here are some doings in which I've been engaged in.

I helped a friend put up a family gallery wall.
I was nervous because most of the frames were small and I thought it may look too busy,
but it turned out fab.
Just don't look behind the frames. Ha.
But seriously...don't.

I pitched a built-in ledge to Mr. Office Redo.
The office doesn't have room for bookcases and every office needs books, 
so the bottom ledge will fit standing, face forward art or coffee table type books 
while the top ledge will house personal photographs and rock memorabilia, which the Mr. has lots of.

And more from Project Office,
custom trimmed curtains were hung on the bay window with Ikea RACKA curtain rods
and corner connectors.
Many thanks again to Naomi for the idea.

Apologies for the bad, dark camera phone picture of the bay office window.

The little things are getting to me lately.
People I normally think are awesome I'm finding annoying.
I need a break.

On Thursday I'm heading to Los Angeles to visit my BFF since I was three, Ann.
I'm beyond excited to be with her.
I know it will be just what I need to get back into the fray.
I barely remember what life was like without you.


  1. That pic of you and Anne is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Have a fabulous time!


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