Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nate Berkus at Jayson Home

On Monday this was in my inbox.

On Tuesday Katherine, Jamie and I headed to Jayson to meet Nate Berkus.
I was disappointed how luke-warm his reaction was towards us.
He wouldn't pose for pics with people {what?}. 
You're one of the most adorable human beings on the planet Nate.
Yes we want a picture with you.

The line was five minutes long, by no means hours.
Katherine was all, 'I don't give a shiz if he doesn't want to pose. 
It's happening.'
I bust a gut every time I see this.

Jayson Home was the perfect backdrop for the occasion.
They offered everyone cold cans of champagne with striped straws and 
waiters walked around with appetizers.

The home goods in this store are sublime. 

After shopping we were off to Paris Club for dinner.
Katherine, Me, Jamie.

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  1. Ha! This made me laugh. We'll just have to find another designer to stalk! So great to catch up for an evening! xoxo


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