Monday, October 8, 2012


I grew up in a house where this painting was in the entryway.

My whole life,
a 4'x3' oil painting of tigers.
Being an only child from two only children parents their shit passes down to one person.
Mom brought this to me last weekend and thought I might like it,
growing up with it and all.
She wondered if I held a bit of sentiment for it from all the years having it around.
I don't.

But I do feel a challenge calling out to me.
 If I truly love interior styling I should be able to throw this painting in any room
and make it look good.

Better than good.
Make it so fucking amazing that everyone that sees it will want to run out 
and buy their own oil painting of tigers.

So the challenge is on to:
A.  Find a place for it
B.  Have it not look like a porn den

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