Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Backyard Custom Sofa

It's all happening in our backyard.
Check yourself because this may benumb your facilities.
It's a fully custom backyard sofa made entirely of Trex, aka completely weatherproof.
Here's how it happened.

I've talked before about Tony Clementi, master contractor/carpenter of Designed Companies.
He and I were discussing projects and he said he'd like to build
 his own outdoor furniture that wouldn't need to be dragged indoors in the winter.
What? Yes.
He sketched a rough idea, and I knew I was witnessing genius.

He started by building a wood frame
 in the shape and size of our choosing that took weeks to get right.
We wanted something large to fit our 24'x24' patio and something that would hold lots of people.
We have a big family and do lots of entertaining.

This is Tony wrapping the Trex around the wood frame.
The color is Winchester Gray.

I can't stop staring at it.


  1. I like the use of benumb. I will be far more benumbed when the job is done and the complete vision is achieved.

  2. I would put my hooves up all over that thing. Must be heavy as a dead horse. You know, with hooves.

    1. Ha! It's crazy heavy, probably around 600 lbs.

  3. Lovely! I think I need his number. I want to have a picnic table made out of trex for our porch. Call me!


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