Monday, February 11, 2013

Join Our Oscar Pool

Hubs and I are Oscar crazy.
For the last seven years we've hosted an Academy Awards pool for friends and family.

Our love affair with Oscar started ten years ago 
when we were in LA for Hubs business during the awards ceremony.  
We stayed right in the middle of it all, Beverly Hills, where celebs, goody bags, and limo lines
crowded our hotel.
We watched stretch limousines pick up primped and pompadoured ladies and gents from our balcony,
ordered assorted finger foods and watched the show in the comfort of our room.
Best night ever.
Thus starting the ritual of being in LA for the Oscars.
We did it for three years.

In celebration of that too short lived tradition,
Oscar Pool lets us pose as insiders and vote for our favorite nominees like a member of the academy.
A lot of people get anxious about not seeing any or all of the movies
but that doesn't matter.
In my humble opinion, guessing correctly is all about hype, who's who, PR and history.
I will guarantee one thing about our Pool.
 It makes watching the Academy Awards show
*even sound mixing*

So join us here.
It's only $5 per entry so there's really no reason to say no.
That is unless you're not in to winning money or having good times with a group of strangers.


Tell me.