Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little Things Make Me Happy

Hubs is off to Japan and China for business
leaving me and the three minions to fend for ourselves for a while.
We manage just fine
but the days are less animated and fun-filled when he's away.
 as not to be driven to drink every night, 
I'm focused on small things around the house to make me happy besides the obvious scenarios...
babysitters, good books, ice cream, Ambien, etc..

I've been moving my brass pheasants all over the house and finally settled the Mr. on an entry table.  
Still looking for a home for Mrs..

I bought these paper roses at West Elm for $3 a stem.

I found this Persian rug for $100 at an antique store.
I love.

I love the smell and taste of citrus.

The blooms on my tiny lemon tree have me hopeful for an actual lemon.

And finally, for those that don't visit Kiki's List
she turned this

 into this

with this.
That may be happening at my house soon.

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