Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Tuesday

Just because it's Tuesday...
here are some pics to ponder and inspire.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fur Blankets are Sexy

For those of you looking to bring sexy back to your bedroom
{or create your own porn den}
it seems you only need to add fur to get the point across.
I am in to it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painted Fireplaces

I'm trying to persuade Hubs into a painted fireplace.
Painted the same color as the walls...glossier finish...but same color.
He's already "basically" agreed to the idea
but I can tell he still struggles with it.

I tell him our fireplace isn't so special.  
Am I glad to have one? 
But unless you have some grand, marble, intricate monstrosity that demands attention
why would you want the main focal point of your room 
be something that isn't purposefully arranged 
like art, or furniture or rugs.
I love how painting the fireplace the same as the wall color
pushes everything around it to the forefront.

So here are some examples as to why I love painted fireplaces
{mainly for Hubs}.
Just because it's not the first thing you see in the room
doesn't mean it isn't seen.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

That Shit's Cray

In 1997 I met Hubs while working here.
He was my boss, he hired me.
Last month was 15 years together...holy shiz...almost half my life.
Three girls later...everyday's Crazytown...I'm so lucky.
Back to school has me reminiscing
 big time.
{and no...this isn't my house}

Friday night was date night and we had so much fun together.
It was like back in the day...listening to music...talking...dreaming of futures
{now not ours but theirs}
and bouncing ideas off one another of all the new changes for our house 
since New York.

And alls we did was dinner and shop for furniture 
and it was still the best.
15 years.

Crate and Barrel outlet,
you are the wind beneath my wings.

Speaking of cray...
I snapped this picture from my car while driving last week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kelly Wearstler

Last night I was at a party
talking to Amy C about our mutual love for all things Kelly Wearstler.
I was trying to explain to her, very ineloquently,
{thank you summer brew}
the images I'd seen in Elle Decor of a Washington home she designed.

Here you go, Amy C...
this is for you.


 sitting room



 dining room


 master bedroom

master bath

Monday, August 13, 2012

Frank Ocean

I love listening to music. Loud.
I roll in to Target with my bass pumping, Boyz in the Hood style.
Minus the guns.

'Watch the Throne' is my album of the year.
Every moment of alone time for me this summer has a soundtrack of 'Ni**as in Paris'.
On constant loop.

 And most recently I'm all about Frank Ocean.
His music blows me away.
He creates his own sound with no boundaries.

I dig it. And him.

Monday, August 6, 2012

ABC Carpet and Home

While in NYC I stopped in ABC Carpet and Home.
I hadn't been in some years so I slowly walked through the place taking everything in.

Apparently Betsey Johnson had the same idea as me.
I may or may not have followed her up a few floors...I mean...it depends who you ask.
If you ask her, she'll say yes I did.
I took this picture on the DL.

I'm not gonna lie.
I peed a bit when I saw the Weinrib installation.

This chair was five grand.
No joke.

The place really had everything.



the morning of my flight home I picked up coffee at LaGuardia figuring it would taste like shit
but at least be something.
I was blown away by this pressed coffee in a to-go plastic lid and cup.
It was almost as good as at home.
God bless NYC.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Abigail Ahern Is Lovely

Abigail Ahern was such an inspiration.
Her masterclass was a feast of knowledge about all things interiors.
She broke the class down by rooms the first half of the day
talking devotedly of layering, playing with scale, thinking outside the box, and visual friction.

The second half of the day was advice on
choosing paint colors, mixing patterns, adding texture, finishing touches like rugs and lighting,
and creating a space that expresses who you are
which as you see here,
is true of her London home.

It was a wonderful Saturday
getting to know all types of interesting people from across the states
as well as Russia, Australia, England, and Canada.
I left the class with a buzz {celebratory Prosecco toasts abound}
and a fresh confidence that the design world
is where I want to be.
Terrible camera phone pictures, I know, but you get the jist.

The group ate lunch with Abigail at The Breslin inside The Ace Hotel.

Nice pigs sitting atop The Breslin bar.