Friday, December 7, 2012

Week In Review

Found the perfect sized lamp at Home Goods to fit on an awkward bump-out on kitchen counter.
I've wanted a lamp on my counter ever since I saw Ina Garten's barn kitchen remodel.

Got up my collection of blue and white plates.  
Eventually they'll sprawl out over the door archway.

The start of the week had temperatures in the 60's. 
We broke out the sidewalk chalk and drew like there was no tomorrow.
This was Medium's hop scotch that stretched to 40.
She was serious.

Medium also brought home this drawing of a lion which goes well with her family portrait.

Last night we went to our local skating rink for family night.
I hadn't been on skates since elementary school.
Growing up in Des Moines
my friends and I hung at Skate West roller rink and I thought I was the mayor,
but that was before the germinating of tiny humans in my uterus.
I was shaky at first but eventually got my sea legs.
It was good times.

This is breakfast today:
Americano and lightly toasted panettone with butter.
My mother by law is Italian and gets us a loaf of this sweet bread with dried fruit every Christmas.

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  1. LOVE the wall of plates. especially the painted out trim and door! i've been dragging my feet to do the same with our powder room, so you may have just motivated me to actually get it done. thanks :)


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