Friday, September 21, 2012

New Domino

Finally got around to buying the fall/winter 2012 edition of domino.
Wasn't as excited as last go round due to all the recycled images from previous issues
but still felt inclined to spend the $11,
especially seeing Rashida Jones on the cover.
I enjoyed the panel of 'expert opinions' that were peppered throughout the mag
giving tidbits of wisdom and funny diatribes

"Anyone who doesn't watch TV is insane. The sure way to kill the life of a room is not to have one in it, ergo all the unused living rooms in America."
Jonathan Adler


"Function comes first in the entry hall. We plop things. We need places for our ploppables."
Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham on scented candles:
"They can't be from one of those stores in the mall that makes you gag as you walk by. No candle that has a scent described as food! No holiday pie scent!"

I liked how everyones opinion seemed different from the next person.
Some liked house plants, some preferred fresh flowers, some liked 14 inch coffee table heights, 
some thought 17 inches was best.
It reinforces the idea that good design is in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. Did Rashida kill someone and take prozac prior to this photo? Just wondering.


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